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April 22, 2015


WELCOME: Marilynn Wood, Co-Chairman, welcomed the Council and expressed gratitude for continued support.  She indicated that we had received a member resignation from Melanee Higgins for personal reasons.  This was accepted.

ATTENDING: Heidi Tasso, Rick, Kathy Hawkes, Silvia Roldan, Marilynn Wood, Terry Ogborn and Kaye Winters

EXCUSED: Lanae Anderson, Kathleen Cheshire, Shelly Johnson, George Phillips


Minutes from the February: HANDOUT provided

Approved by: Heidi Tasso

Second by: Kathy Hawkes   


Heidi reported on the following items:

  1. A lot is happening at Millcreek
    1. University Trip—several seniors were taken to Dixie University, given a tour, registered for classes and provided lunch.  It was a great success
  2. Scholarships
    1. We have 2 students that have received the Son’s of the Utah Pioneers scholarship.  They will each receive $1,000
    2. Most of our students qualify for Pell Grants.  This will pay for the majority of their college expenses.
    3. Many other scholarships have been received but will be announced and awarded at graduation.
  3. GraduationWe had 80% attendance at the CCR’s that were just held
    1. We will have one of our largest graduating classes this year
    2. All were invited to attend dinner at 6 at the Gardner Center and graduation at 7 in the Burns Arena
  4. The School of Life has just been completed.  Specific students were targeted.  It is always a huge success


Kathleen excused but information provided and covered by Heidi:   Testing Progress SAGE testing started in February with English Language Arts Writing (essays).  Those were completed early in order to allow time to score student's essays, then input their scores so when they complete the reading, listening and language portions in May, they will receive a total score for all sections of the language arts test.  Testing resumes this week through the end of the year for math, science and language arts.  Students will see their scores upon submitting the test when they are done.  Printed score reports will be mailed home to parents the last week of school after all tests are completed.


Terry reported on the following items:       

         1. Modified School Calendar 2015-2016 HANDOUT provided and discussed.

Approved by: Kathy Hawkes

Second by: Kaye Winters 

2. School Community Councils: End of Legislative Session Report: HANDOUT provided and discussed

                -Bill passed raised the cap to 3%

-The responsibility was added to the job description of the School Community Councils to understand what filtering systems are in place on school devices that connect to the internet and provide feedback and recommendation to the administration about such.  They are also to provide education for students and parents about safe technology use, including appropriate, responsibility, secure and healthy best practices.  The council may delegate these responsibilities.  It was decided by the council:

a. These responsibilities would be given to the building technology specialist.  Mike King is that person currently

b. We will continue to have all new and returning students sign the Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

c. We will continue to have the student assembly regarding safe use of technology

3. School TRUST Land Update/Report

School Plan 2014-2015 Progress Report was given:

  • We hired a licensed teacher (Lanae Bladen Anderson Cactus # 91839) for .14 of her yearly teaching contract to teach Basic Math skills and concepts. This includes social security, retirement, and insurance benefits to equal .14 of the total amount.
  • We purchased 15 concurrent licenses to Edgeunity for additional math instruction help/support/options.

School Plan 2015-2016 was discussed and approved:

  • The emphasis will continue to be math. 
  • We will hire a licensed teacher for .14 of their yearly teaching contract to teach Basic Math skills and concepts. This includes social security, retirement, and insurance benefits
  • We will purchase 15 concurrent licenses to Edgeunity for additional math instruction help/support/options. The cost of this is $6,135.00
  • We will purchase 94 Texas Instruments TI -30x5 for student use regardless of location to include REACH, detention, Focus Center, Lunch Bunch, PLUS or any given teachers classroom

Approved by: Rick Fabio

Second by: Silvia Roldan    

  1. Donor’s Choose program supported by Horace Mann (Tyler May) HANDOUT provided
    1. To date we have received 32 chrome books, 7 mini I-Pads and pending are 40 additional chrome books.  ALSO, from CTE we received 20 chrome books and 42 desktop computers, and 2 color printers.
  2. Staffings for 2015-2016 Progress was reported
    1. Harold Nelson has been hired for Jim Cluff
    2. Linda Schimbeck’s position will be filled with 2 people
    3. Rusty Holms has been transferred from Enterprise High School to replace terry                                                         


                There were no additional items for discussion


NEXT MEETING:      Wednesday Sept. 16, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.                                                     




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