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Millcreek High School



February 13, 2013



TIME: 3:00 P.M.

PLACE: MHS Conference Room 

In Attendance: Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Rick Fabio, Terry Ogborn,              guest: Chandler Hawkes

EXCUSED: Marilynn, Carma, Melanee, Lanae

WELCOME:  Terry Ogborn


          HANDOUT of minutes was provided

Motion to approve by: Kathleen Wagner

          Seconded by: Kathy Hawkes



  1. Counseling Office:
    • Heidi Tasso discussed the following topics
      • i.        Night School/Directed Studies to include summer
      • ii.       SEOP Progress
      • iii.      Senior Update
        1. 8 students have completed to date all graduation requirements 6 from MHS 2 from other area high schools
        2. Several scholarships have been awarded.  It is exciting to see students being rewarded for their efforts.
      • iv.      Attendance at National Alternative High School Conference in Atlanta GA.
        1. A big emphasis was placed on meeting the needs of the whole child.  We feel like we are right on target with our efforts.  Our efforts are more than getting the student into a cap and gown
      • v.      Partnership Updates
        1. Utah Food Bank continues to be a huge success and meet a big need
        2. The mattress received today is going to a young mom just moving out on her own and was so grateful for the opportunity
    • Kathleen Wagner
      • i.      Parent Survey for accreditation purposes
        1. We feel like doing the survey in this manner that we will be getting much for feedback and that it will give us a clearer picture of their thoughts and opinions
      • ii.      Growth Points
      • iii.      UCAS Report
        1. www.schools.utah.gov/main
          • Click on “Gateway"
  2. School LAND Trust Information:
    • Recommended Change to the MHS School LAND Trust School Plan 2012-2013-HANDOUT
      • i.      Motion to approve by: Rick Fabio

Seconded by: Heidi Tasso

    •  School Plan 2013-2014 Discussion-HANDOUT
      • i.      The continued needs in math were discussed.  Heidi gave an overview of the new math core curriculum and the challenges being faced not only by Millcreek and the district but state wide.
      • ii.      It was recommended that we continue to use our funds to support our math efforts.
        1. Motion to approve by Kathleen Wagner
          • Second by Kathy Hawkes
    • School Community/Trust Land Committee Signature form

3.  Upcoming School Activities:

  • District Special Education Learning Walk at Millcreek/Focus Center: Feb. 20
  • District Special Education Learning Walk at REACH/Focus, Crisis  Center, Detention Center March 4
  • Spring Break March 11-14
  • Career Assembly March 21
  • March 25 from 4 to 6 at the district office there will be a Regional Assessment Training by Judy Park and John Jesse from the USOE.


Chandler Hawkes has expressed interest in representing former students on the Council.  The motion was made by Heidi Tasso and was seconded by Rick Fabio       


An email was received today from Paula Plan regarding “Support to Complete Assignments as Community Council Officers-and HANDOUT was provided and shared with the group


The meeting adjourned at 3:40


NEXT MEETING:  April 24th at 3:00


Appreciation was expressed for the time and support of the members.


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