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February 2014 Minutes
February 12, 2014


TIME: 3:00 P.M.
PLACE: MHS Conference Room
IN  ATTENDANCE: Darrell Phillips, Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Anderson, Marilynn Wood, Rick Fabio, Shelly Johnson, Suzette Middleton, Terry Ogborn
Student Support Group:
(DRILLS:   D=Diversity R=Respect, I=Integrity, L=Leadership L=Loyalty S=Support)
Corbin Whetten, Julie Big-Soldier, Kody Lee, Jean Cardoze,  Maddie Brown, Nat Demille, Sid Dewitt,


EXCUSED: Melanee Higgins, Silvia Roldan


WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS:     Lanae Anderson
Minutes from the November approved by: Kathleen Wagner HANDOUT of minutes provided
Seconded by: Kathy Hawkes
  1. Building update: Terry gave an update on the addition and remodel to the building.  Everything is complete and in place with the exception of the 6 outdoor tables that have been ordered.
  2. Millcreek App and Web Site: Kristi Bauman reported to the group about the progress of the Millcreek Web site and App.  February 7, the final version is sent by the developer to APPLE Corporation for approval.  The launch date is February 17.  It should be a great addition.
  3. School LAND Trust Information: Terry Ogborn
          i. 2013-2014 School LAND Trust Funding Allocation-HANDOUT
          ii. 2014-2015 School LAND Trust Plan
                i.   It was proposed by Terry that the focus of our 2014-2015 plan continue to be on math.  Students continue to struggle with math and the new students each mini quarter add an additional challenge.
                ii.  The initial funds will be used for .14 salary for a math teacher to include social security and retirement. The additional funds allocated will be used to pay for .14 of the insurance expense for the math teacher AND the balance to be used for access to the Edgeunity software.
               iii. Discussion followed with an unanimous vote by the group.
        iii. The additional funding received for the 13-14 school year in the amount of $4792.00 has been added to the software account.

     4) Comprehensive Guidance-Heidi Tasso
Community Partnerships with Millcreek High School: Heidi Tasso
  1. Data Project Presentation- The CCGP data project this year is to reduce the number of failing grades by 10%.  The methods used to accomplish this goal are PLUS, TAG, TAs and the Lunch Bunch.  The results for both 1st and 2nd quarter have already shown more than a 10% reduction.
  2. The Millcreek High School Comp Guidance Review Scheduled for March 26, 2014
     5.) Community Partnerships with Millcreek High School: Heidi Tasso
         i.      The Utah Food Bank-Continues to provide food daily for students and their families.  Beds are frequently donated as well.
         ii.      The St. George Elks Lodge –received their 4th Impact Grant which will provide for the MHS nursery and for district students that are in the custody of DCFS.  Vicki Schouten is the EXCEL Mentor that works with these students from Springdale to Enterprise.  Specifically luggage with their names permanent embroidered will be provided.  The purpose being a quick exit does not always allow for students to take all belongs.  This will assist them
         iii.      The Salvation Army-awarded MHS $10,000 that will be used for sweat shirts, Sun
Tram bus passes, and for the medical clinic $10.00 co-pay.  They retain the funds and receipts are submitted to them.
         iv.      Deseret Industries continues to provide significant vouchers for our students
         v.      The Medical Clinic is a great service and resource for our students and their families
         vi.      Various Church Groups have continued to provide hygiene kits, blankets, and baby items
  1. Accreditation Visit Scheduled for March 5, 2014-Kathleen Wagner provided and explained the following handouts that directly pertain to the accreditation visit::Additional Information for Discussion/Clarification
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Self Assessment
    3. Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic
    4. Student Performance Diagnostic
NEXT MEETING: April 23, 2014, at 3:00
Thank you so much for your willingness to be a part of the Millcreek High School
Community Council



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