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WELCOME: Jill Bridges, Co-Chairman welcomed council.

ATIENDING: Jill Bridges, Kathy Hawkes, Rusty Holmes, Bobbi Mosteller, Michelle Orton, Kaye Winters

EXCUSED: Kathleen Cheshire


Minutes from previous meeting were approved by motion: Bobby Mosteller and Kathy Hawkes

Rusty presented the 2016-17 calendar stating we would start on Thursday, August 11,2016 and Millcreek would also come that Friday, August 12, 2016.

2015-16 Trust Land Funds were discussed with the 30 Chromebooks approved last month being ordered and received last week. The school district has seen a big improvement in the math programs using the new ALEKS program. The question was asked if the ALEKS program will be available to the Reach and Detention programs. 2016-2017 Trustlands funding projects must be decided by April 1, 2016. Ideas and needs will be gathered from the teachers at Millcreek and ideas from the Council would be appreciated to be discussed at our next meeting.

Rusty told the council two classes were added to Millcreek this semester. An Animal Science class taught by a new teacher Anna Hone and a Photography class that Pam Burton will teach and currently has a district expert that comes twice a week to teach the class until the end of the year. Kathy Hawkes suggested checking with Dixie State University's photography department about donating old digital cameras for our photo class.


Jill stated that teachers are still working on the CSIP 2015-16 district program. Teachers are continuing the Learning Walk Observations at a variety of schools and classes to observe other teachers and mentors. Our Plus Program is helping students take advantage of extra time in class that need extra help. This takes place after 3rd period from 10:12 until 10:37. If they are caught up with their school work they can go to room 110 to participate in different activities or listen to speakers to help prepare them in the future.

Michelle presented the new attendance policy that began in January 2016. Students may not miss more than 9 days in a quarter. If they do, a meeting will be held and the best place for them may be the Focus Center or Southwest Adult Education.

The last new student orientation will be on February 29th at 2:00 pm.

We have also been having a tutor come in to help students to prepare for the ACT test on March 1, 2016.

It was suggested by Bobbi Mosteller that we fly our flag in front of the school. We previously had two students that would put it up and down each day, but they have transferred out of Millcreek. Someone needs to be appointed to make sure it gets up and taken down each day.


Monday, March 21, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. Come with ideas of what projects to use next year's Trustland Funds for. 


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