WCSD Mission Statement

Millcreek High School

               March 22, 2010
TIME: 3:00 P.M.
PLACE: MHS Conference Room
IN ATTENDANCE:  Lanae Anderson, Carma Hiatt, Eileen McKell, Kathleen Wagner, Heidi Tasso, Terry Ogborn, Karen Nielson, Jill Bridges
EXCUSED: Angie Quayle, Patti Stark, Victoria LeLaCheur, Valorie Cottam
WELCOME Lanae, Chairperson
The minutes from the November minutes were approved by Kathleen and seconded by Heidi        
1. School LAND Trust Information-Terry Ogborn
a. 2009-2010 Millcreek Progress Report- A 16 portable computer lab was shown to the group so that they had a better understanding of the actual equipment that was purchased with the Trust LAND money. The school actually purchased two 16 cart portable labs and had the entire building set up to accommodate wireless computers. There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement expressed by committee members. 
b. State Annual Report-This information was shared with the group as provided by the state.
c. 2010-2011 Plan- Several ideas were considered based on the CSIP, student data, teacher input and FTE funding. It was decided that all funds that will be carry over from the 09-10 school year and all additional funds received for the 2010-2011 school year would be used for salary and benefits for a math teacher. The emphasis will be on basic and remedial math. It was suggested by Terry that it be Lanae Andersons salary that be supported with these funds. It was agreed that any amount remaining from the .14 FTE be used for night school math remediation. Members were asked to sign the Signature Sheet in support of the program and indicating participation.
d. “A Matter of Trust”    http://www.schoollandtrust.org Information was shared with the group about this DVD and how to view it on line. It had been viewed by all in attendance.
2. Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP) –Kathleen Wagner
Progress of efforts to date was shared with the group and it was explained that this information will be shared with the faculty and staff at the 2010-2011 planning meeting Friday, April 23rd.
3. Testing Information-Kathleen Wagner
UBSCT testing is coming up and practice test sessions have also been scheduled
4. Service Projects Report-Kathleen Wagner        
A wide variety of service projects were discussed. They were completed in the students TA groups at Christmas time. This was a huge success and much appreciation was expressed by those on the receiving end of the service. Most projects were planned with no cost involved other than people power.
5. Comprehensive Guidance-Heidi Tasso
The Career Pathway efforts were explained to the group. Dixie State College has been very supportive of our student’s interests and has provided workshops. Last quarter there were 69 college credit hours that were awarded. There is also 10 students enrolled at the Dixie ATC. Fourth Quarter Senior evaluations are nearly ready and will be given to students and TA’s
6. Elks Pantry Partners Grant-Heidi Tasso
The Elks Pantry Partners Program is a huge success and many students, both current and former, and their families have been helped. Several of the Independent Living tubs have been given to student. We just received a new side-by-side refrigerator that our perishable food can be kept it. A set of books has been purchased by the Elks as well that are given to the young mothers. We are so pleased with the success of this program.
7. Student Internship Progress Report-Karen Nielson
To date there have been 696.61 total hours worked and $5,572.88 paid to 16 students. There have been 100% return on the evaluation forms from the employers. This has been a huge success and certainly a help to many students. It is hoped that funding can be found to continue to program next year.
8. Professional Learning Committee-Jill Bridges  
It was explained to the group about the 5 Curriculum Teams that have been formed. She talked about the curriculum maps that all teachers have completed that align with the standards and objectives.
9. Emergency Preparedness Update-Officer Brandon Dunbar
The table top activities that were done in faculty meeting were explained. The number of emergency drills to include the “real” drill that was held due to the problems in the nursery. He also provided an update regarding the Emergency book and procedures that we are currently working on. Millcreek High School has been given $300 to supplement their emergency supplies.
10. Medical Clinic Partnership-Terry
The partnership with IHC/Southwest Community Health Center has been a tremendous success. Many students as well as faculty and staff have been able to take advantage of their services. Nancy Neff will be explaining the success of the partnership to the American Association of University Women on Monday, April 5th.
1. Willingness to serve on the committee next year-Handout for those interested
Appreciation for involvement on this years Council was expressed. Those that will be part of the committee next year were given a meeting schedule for the 2010-2011 school year.
2. Other items for discussion:
No other items where brought up for discussion
Thanks so much for your willingness to participate
on this committee and to support
Millcreek High School.

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