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WELCOME:   Jill Bridges, Co-Chairman welcomed committee to last meeting of the school year.

ATTENDING:  Jill Bridges, Patty Hansen, Kathy Hawkes, Rusty Holmes, Bobbi Mosteller, Michelle Orton, Kaye Winters

EXCUSED:  Kathleen Cheshire

MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING:  Approved by Patty Hansen and seconded by Kathy Hawkes



Trust Land Funds-Rusty Holmes presented the idea of using next year’s funds to pay a portion of the salary for another teacher in the Focus Center.  Currently we only have 1 teacher and we are getting more and more students coming to the Focus Center.  One more teacher would take the load off of our one teacher and provide more help for the students coming there.  Many expelled students from other schools also come here to complete packets for credit.

The Trust Land Funds proposal was approved by Kathy Hawkes and seconded by Bobbi Mosteller and voting by the whole group was Yes for this proposal.  Signatures were all signed on the provided page by the School Trust Lands.  Jill Bridges was to turn these signatures in.

Rusty reported that putting a light for the flag pole has been discussed with maintenance and will be done during the summer so the American Flag can be left up all week, Monday thru Thursday, when school is in session.  Until the end of school two students will be asked to be responsible for putting it up in the morning and taking it down at the end of the school day.

The WCSD begins school on August 11, 2016 and Millcreek will also come on Friday, August 12, 2016.  Millcreek does not usually hold school on Fridays during the school year.  Our week is Monday thru Thursday.

A copy of the new attendance policy that began on January 2016 was handed out and Jill stated that it is making a difference with the students not being able to miss more than 10 days.


Next year Millcreek’s schedule will include the Animal Science and Photo classes again, with addition a Graphic Arts class 2 periods a day.  Craig Milligan will be the teacher that will come over from Dixie High School to teach.  A new Special Education teacher has been hired for next year.  Her name is Seanne Rimmer.  Bret Morley will be going back to the South West Campus.


To be decided at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year.  Thanks for your time and effort to serve on our Community Council.


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