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November 16, 2009


ATTENDING: Lanae, Anderson, Carma Hiatt, Victoria LeLaCheur, Eileen McKell, Terry Ogborn, Angela Quayle Patti Stark Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Karen Nielson


WELCOME   Lanae Bladen Anderson, Chairman Welcomed the council members and noted that this was an excellent turn out. 



            1. Kathryn Parry “Excellence in Teaching Award” recognition-HANDOUT

This is a very special honor that was received my one of our master teachers.  We appreciate Mrs. Parry and her dedication to Millcreek High School and the students that attend.

            2. Annual Thanksgiving Dinner-Tuesday November 24 at 11:30

All council members were invited to attend this annual activity.  It is wonderful and is enjoyed so much by our students.



1. Testing Information: Kathleen shared information on the following items. 

The challenges of alternative high school students and their unique characteristics were discussed.  This is more clearly outlined in the CTE Improvement Proposal.                     

                                    a. CRT Results

b. CTE State Skills Certification Improvement Proposal-HANDOUT

                                    c. Indicators of School Quality Survey-Utah State University

We will be doing this survey again for the 3rd year.  It gives us good information that will be used for our accreditation efforts.  Parents, students and faculty and staff are all included.


            2. Comprehensive Guidance Information:   Heidi

                        a. Career Pathways

A number of activities were discussed.  Each student has had to declare a career interest.  These have been matched with either Dixie State College or the Dixie ATC.  We have had two sessions were students attended to get more information about the medical field and mechanics

                        b. Student enrollment numbers:

We have 198 right now and will be at about 215 by the first of the year.

                        c. DRAFT calendars for2010-2011 and 2011-2012-HANDOUT


            3. Millcreek High School Internship Program/Grant: Karen

Karen said that we have 20 students that are taking part in the internship program.  They are in areas of career interest and it has been a huge success for both employers as well as the students.  Angie shared that a student is working with her business and it is a huge win-win for all involved.     


            4. School LAND Trust Information: Terry

a. Updates to the State Board Rule relative to the School LAND Trust Program R277-477-HANDOUT

                        b. School LAND Trust Program FY 2008-HANDOUT

                        c. 2008-2009 School Plan Final Report-HANDOUT

                        d. Suggestions to consider for future use of funds received


5. High School Math Training Program: Lanae share with the group

information pertaining to the district math training that is being held for teachers involved with math.  This included Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Wilkes, Mr. Cluff and Mr. Comeford.




            1. Other



            Monday, March 22, 2010 at 3:00  


Thanks so much for your willingness

to participate on this committee

 and for your continued support of

Millcreek High School.


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