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Millcreek High School



November 1, 2010



TIME: 3:00 P.M.

PLACE: MHS Conference Room

IN ATTENDANCE: Lanae Anderson, Carma Hiatt, Melanie Higgins, Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Terry Ogborn

WELCOME:  Lanae, Chairperson


Minutes from the September Meeting were reviewed and Melanie Higgins name added to those in attendance

Motion made by Heidi Tasso that the September minutes with the correction be approved

Seconded by Carma Hiatt

Motion passed


  1. General Information: Lanae Anderson
    1. Updated list of MHS Community Council Members 2010-2011-A handout was given to council members and information provided that Victoria LeLaCheur has requested to resign due to conflicting schedules.  She sends her support for continued success.  It was noted that Angela Quayle’s email has changed (get information from Kathy Laub) and that we need to add Kathy Michel’s phone number (get from PowerSchool)
  2. School LAND Trust Information-Terry Ogborn
    1. Update on Budget surplus-A copy of a memo sent to Amy Booth indicating how the requested surplus was to be spent.  The total amount was $565.00 and it was allocated as follows:
      • Inservice/Personnel           $440.00
      • Retirement                         $ 80.00
      • Social Security                   $ 45.00
    1. 2009-2010 School Plan Final Report-Terry indicated that she had just received the 2009-2010 School Plan Final Report and that she would begin work on it shortly. This will be shared with the group during the February meeting.
  1. Service Learning Projects: Kathleen Wagner
    1. Overview of TA Efforts-Kathleen reported that all TA groups will be having a variety of service activities as we approach the holidays. 
    2. A motion was made by Kathleen to accept and support the efforts of all service projects at Millcreek, in the Focus Center, at REACH, and at Detention. Seconded by Terry Ogborn.  Motion passed
    3. Christmas Auction: Carma reported that she made an executive decision to hold the Christmas Auction on Thursday, December 2nd.  More information will be given later.
  2.  Comprehensive Guidance: Heidi Tasso reported on the upcoming activities.  This is a busy time for the Counseling Department.
    1. Schedule:   
      • Nov. 8              New Student Orientation at 2:00
      • Nov. 9              College tour at PVHS-wear college shirts, for serious college bound students
      • Nov. 10            District Wide College and Career Night  for 10-12 th grade students and interested parents
      • Nov. 11                        Mid-term
      • Dec. 13                        New Student Orientation at 2:00
      • Dec. 16                        2nd quarter/1st semester ends
      • Jan. 6                          Senior Meeting
      • Jan. 20                        Teacher SEOP Meeting
      • Jan. 31                        New Student Orientation at 2:00
    1. Night School Schedule-the Enrichment Session has been cancelled due to a lack of numbers.  Regular session will start in January.
    2. Drivers Education-Dustin Ence is teaching a full class.
    3. Student Recognition-$1,100 was given out ($50.00 each) to students with pe.rfect attendance and for 4.0 GPA for lst quarter. 


5. Elks Pantry Partners Grant Update: Heidi shared with the group that the Elks received the $10,000 grant for another year.  It has helped in many unexpected ways.  Not only food pantry items have been purchased but over 50 sweatshirts, a breast pump, many personal needs items, and back packs have been purchased for student use.

6. Professional Learning Committee: Jill Bridges-not in attendance

7. Priority Request Meeting

Terry reported that the Priority Request meeting with district personnel is scheduled for Monday Nov.8th at 9:30.  The major request is for an upgrade on the security camera system.  The total cost of the bid received by Red Mountain is $13,694.61.  The district safety committee award MHS $500 for prompt compliance with FEMA training requirements.  Nance Neff has also indicated that the clinic will help with a portion also. 

There was also discussion about the expansion of Millcreek.  A letter will be written to Craig Hammer and the School Board making the request.  This would include additional classroom space and  a fitness facility

8. Faculty Updates:

a. Katie Wood chosen to receive a 2010 “Excellence in Teaching” award.  One of 10 given throughout the state by the William and Pat Childs Foundation

b. Shelly Flake completed her technology endorsement

9. Thanksgiving Dinner Information Terry invited all members of the council to attend the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner that is scheduled for Tuesday, November 23rd.


ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION:  There was nothing at this time.


NEXT MEETING: February 22, 2011 


Thanks so much for your willingness to participate on this committee. 


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