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Millcreek High School

Community Council Meeting

November 15, 2011 3:00 P.M.   MHS Conference Room



IN ATTENDANCE:             Carma, Hiatt, Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Anderson, Marilynn Wood, Melanee Higgins Rick Fabio, Terry Ogborn

EXCUSED:                            Shelly Johnson


WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS: Lanae Bladen Anderson welcomed the group and had each one introduce themselves and their connection to Millcreek high School



  1. The Community Council Elections were discussed.  They were first announced on August 15th and held during SEOP’s on Sept. 12, 13, and 14.
  2. The following Handouts were given and reviewed:
    1. The School Community Council Duties and Responsibilities, Plans, Rules and Laws as of August 2011
    2. R277-491 School Community Council Law
    3. Community  Council Checklists:
      1. School Community Council Chairs or Co-Chairs
      2. Principal in their Role
      3. For Parents and Community Members
    4. Two DVD’s were provided to each council member.  They were encouraged to review the information.  The total time of the two is about 30 minutes:
      1. School Community councils: touch the Future   17:23  the basics
      2. Earning for Education 6-7 minutes 


  1. General Millcreek High School Information was shared with the group:
    1. 2011-2012 Community Council  Meeting Schedule
    2. 2011-2012 Community Council Members
    3. 2011-2012 Semester School Calendar
    4. 2011-2012 Character Education Schedule
  2. School LAND Trust Information:
    1. “A Matter of Trust” information was shared with the group  http://www.schoollandtrust.org
    2. Last-Year Final report was discussed
    3. 2011-2012  Plan was also discussed.  The emphasis continues to be on Math based on test scores, incoming student credit and faculty and staff concerns .  These concerns were supported by the Council
  3. Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
    1. Kathleen Wagner provided a handout for the group and review the information
  4. Legislative Information
    1. Kathleen provided a handouts on
      1. Public Education Employment Reform Act
      2. Public Education Orderly Termination
      3. Collective Bargaining
      4. Power Point Handout on “Becoming a Delegate”
  5. Service Learning
    1. Kathleen provided a list of Christmas TA Service projects that were being completed
  6. Community Partnership Updates were provided about the Elks Pantry, the Medical and Dental Clinic, the Salvation Army and Deseret Industries
  7. Thanksgiving Dinner-an invitation was extended to all members.
  8. Comprehensive Guidance
    1. Heidi provided a yearly calendar of events
    2. She discussed the additional counseling options that are available.
    3. She talked about the changes in Night and Summer School Program
    4. She gave an update on our Career pathways Efforts
    5. Information was ;share about the success of our PLUS Program
      1. lst quarter 2010-2011                              248 failing grades
      2. lst quarter 2011-2012                              112 failing grades
      3. The above numbers are for the same students.       


NEXT MEETING:                February 14, 2012


The group was thanked for their willingness to participate on the Council.



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