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November 28, 2012



TIME:  3:00 P.M.

PLACE: MHS Conference Room

IN ATTENDANCE: Shelly Johnson, Heidi Tasso, Jacob Schmutz, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Anderson, Melanee Higgins, Polli Schmutz, Rick Fabio.  Guest:  Michael Oliphant, student.

EXCUSED:   Elaine Jennings, Terry Ogborn.

ABSENT:  Marilynn Wood, Helen Anderson, Carma Hiatt


WELCOME :  Lanae Anderson


APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING with corrections:   September 19, 2012-handout

Corrections to Sept. 19, 2012 minutes were made.  It should read:  A motion to approve the April 2012 minutes was made by Kathleen Wagner.  It was seconded by Polli Schumtz.  All voted to approve.  Motion passed.

A motion to approve the September 19, 2012 minutes was made by Shelly Johnson.  It was seconded by Polli Schumtz.  All voted to approve.  Motion passed.


  1. 2011-2012 Final School LAND Trust ReportCopies were provided.  The goals were reviewed as well as the explanation of how the goals were met or not.  The financial proposal and report were also discussed. 
  2. Recommended Change to the MHS School LAND Trust School Plan 2012-2013-Copies were provided to all of the recommended changes.  Kathy Hawkes made a motion to approve the recommended changes.  Melanee Higgins seconded the motion.  All voted to approve. Motion carried.
  3. Updated MHS Community Council Members 2012-2013 Roster-handout                The updated roster needs more updates.  Polli Schumtz has a new email address: prschmutz@gmail.com.  Both she and Jacob no longer have the 628-XXXX home phone number so it needs removed from the roster.
  4. 2012-2013 Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP) –Kathleen Wagner  Kathleen sent a copy out in an email on October 1, 2012 for review to all MHS Community Council Members with a request to submit any comments or questions, if any, prior to November 1, 2012.  No comments or questions were received.  A copy was handed out today for all to have.
  5. Comprehensive Guidance-Heidi Tasso 
    1. Scholarships-Heidi shared about the Elks Scholarship which the deadline is coming up the end of December for students to have in.  She discussed the need of our students to get as many leadership and service opportunities as possible because this is very helpful on their scholarship applications.  
    2. Night School-Heidi shared this starts in January.  There will be four sessions where students can earn .25 credits for each session.  
    3. Incentives for Directed Study Credits Completed-Heidi shared that we offered a $5 Maverick gift card for each .25 credit packet completed.  Additionally, the TA with the highest percent of packets completed will get a pizza party and the top 3 students with the most credit earned will get $100.  
    4. Elks filming-Heidi shared about the Elks filming which took place at our school to highlight their grant which has assisted our students with food, sweatshirts, household start-up kits, backpacks, etc.  Added information since the meeting regarding the film airing dates/times:  The Elks National Foundation’s short feature film, Giving Back, will air on the Documentary Channel on Sundays, December 16 and 23 at 1:30 p.m. E.S.T, and the Fox Business News Network on Saturdays, December 15 and 29, at 3 p.m. E.S.T. Tune in to see how the Elks are giving back through ENF programs.
  6. School Activities-Recent and Upcoming
    1.  Thanksgiving Dinner-This was held the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving along with our awards assembly over at Staheli Barn with a full dinner with all the trimmings.  For many students, this was their only Thanksgiving meal they would have at all.  Students enjoyed the dinner and sat with their TA groups.
    2. December Service Projects by TA groups-Each TA will be planning their own service project to carry out on our last day prior to the Christmas break.


NEXT MEETING:  February 13, 2013 at 3 PM.

Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living. – Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

 Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good

is it useful.

~Author Unknown


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