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November 20, 2013



TIME: 3:00 P.M.

PLACE: MHS Conference Room

INVITED TO ATTEND: Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Anderson, Melanee Higgins, Rick Fabio, Terry Ogborn, Darrell Phillips, George Hamer, Silvia Roldan, Suzette Middleton

EXCUSED: Melanee Higgins, Darrell Phillips, Rick Fabio


WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS:     Lanae welcomed the group and thanked them for their time and attendance. Sylvia Roldan was introduced as a new member of our committee.  She is a parent


Minutes from the Sept. approved by: Kathy Hawkes

The minutes were seconded by: George Hamer


  1. Thanksgiving Dinner: Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013 at 11:30
    1. Terry talked about the tradition of Thanksgiving Dinner at Millcreek High School.  For years it has been held at the Staheli Farm/Barn but due to a hand change in property, it is being held at the Lexington Conference Center.  This is sponsored by the Faculty and Staff as a way of expressing our gratitude to students.  The National Guard will present the colors, the pledge will be said, a full Thanksgiving dinner will be served buffet style, and then student awards will be presented.  This is a great event and all members of the committee were invited to attend.
  2. Building update
    1. Terry shared information regarding the competition of the remodel and update.  The construction is complete.  At this point we are waiting for 6 outdoor mental tables that will be located outside of the commons/lunch area.  The 3 smart boards arrived today and will be installed shortly.  Some vinyl signs will be put up in the pantry area.  The classroom blinds were installed over the past weekend.  Everyone is thrilled with the new areas.
  3. School LAND Trust Information: The following information was provided to the council members
    1. Millcreek high School final Report 2012-2013.  This was reviewed.  The focus and emphasis continues to be on math.  There were no questions.
    2. Personal Information provided on the web site.  School members have the main Millcreek phone number listed and their school emails.  The parent/community/students only have emails listed.  The reason no other phone numbers were listed is due to a security concern that was a result of some inappropriate contact with members of the Counsel trying to get additional information about school personnel.
  4. Comprehensive Guidance-Heidi Tasso
    1. On-line efforts with some students.  We are current using the Edgeunity on-line program that has been provided to us for content recovery.  We have several faculty members that have been assigned User names and can access the program.  It has proven to be very effective.  George Hamer, a parent member, indicated that his son has just started working on the program.  We are anxious to get his feedback from the perspective of a parent.
    2. Efforts to address student “F’” grades.  We have a school SMART goal that we will reduce the number of “F” grades that students are earning.  This is done by identifying students that are failing, targeting them during lunch (they are able to get their lunch early) then they go to the Multi-Purpose room where they work with teachers to complete whatever work needs to be done to get them into a passing situation.  First quarter we had 70 and that number was reduced to 10.
  5. Donations to Millcreek High School:
    1. Heidi Tasso talked about our successful community partnerships with  the

                      i.      Utah Food Bank, we continue to receive food every school day that all students have access to at the end of the school day.  They also provide mattresses and the beautiful leather set in the faculty room.

                      ii.      St. George Elks Lodge-we received another $10,000 grant totaling $40,000 to date.  They just delivered a check for $3,000 for the playground awning, they delivered 3 new Independent Living tubs

                      iii.      Salvation Army provides us bus passes (the price has gone from $15 to $30. And sweat shirts.  These will be given out at Thanksgiving dinner, the Deseret Industries-  they also gave us $1,200 for the medical clinic payments due by students  ($10)

                      iv.      Medical Clinic continues to provide excellent service to our students and staff

                      v.      Various Church Groups have provided quilts, hygiene kits, baby items, clothes and many other items.

  1. Accreditation Visit Scheduled for March 5, 2014-Kathleen Wagner

This is a process that the school goes through every 6 years under the new AdvanED protocols.  It is a great time to review all of the aspects of our program.  We are busy preparing for this event. 

  1. Christmas Activities/Service Projects-Kathleen  Additional Information for Discussion/Clarification
    1. Each year each of the TA groups decide on a service project---they range from singing at a care center to storytelling at elementary, gift baskets, and clean-up activities.  It is a great opportunity for our student to give back to a very caring and kind community.  The faculty and staff also have an auction that raises money for their service project.


NEXT MEETING: February 12, 2014, at 3:00


The group was thanked for their willingness to be a part of this Community Council.




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