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OCTOBER 11, 2016

WELCOME: Jill Bridges, Chairman, welcomed committee to the first meeting of the 2016-2017 schoo year

ATTENDING: Jill Bridges, Rusty Homes, Marcus Matua, Bobbi Mosteller, Michelle Orton, Kaye Winters

EXCUSED: Denise Cuarao-called into work

MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING: Read by Kaye Winters and approved by Bobbi Mosteller and second by Jill Bridges

SCHOOL PROGRAM REPORTS/DISCUSSION: The Handbook for the 2016-17 school -year was handed out. A motion was made by Jill Bridges for Bobbi Mosteller to be the new Co-chairman, and it was seconded by Marcus Matua. It was stated that the committee come up with suggestions for using the School Trust Lands funds for the next school year. Those ideas have to be presented by spring of 2017.

Marcus Matua, the new Vice-Principal and Guidance Counselor was introduced

and he stated how much he is enjoying being at Millcreek High School. He likes

our Code of Ethics and believes the students should follow them for success.

Jill Bridges talked about the GVC/CSIP programs which the teachers make a

priority of what the students will learn. Teachers also have the opportunity to

spend a half day to go on learning walks at other schools to observe teachers and

are able to collaborate on ideas.

Monday, October 24th is an early out day for students. Teachers will meet with

one another for training. Some early outs give teachers a chance to meet with

others from the district teaching same subjects to share ideas.


Rusty announced a new special education teacher had been hired to work in the Focus Center in the afternoons to help Lynn Madsen with the work load. Her name is Denise Bronson. A new assistant has also been hired to help in the nursery and her name is Mallory Rotert.

It was discussed that the flag outside will be taken down on Thursday afternoons since the weather may not always be favorable throughout the weekend. The two students responsible to put up and take down the flag are Michael Dorosky and Cassidy Hansen.

MEETINGS SCHEDULED FOR REMAINDER OF THE YEAR: November 30,2016, February 15, 2017 and March 29, 2017 


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