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Millcreek High School



September 19, 2012



TIME: 3:00 P.M.

PLACEMHS Conference Room

IN  ATTENDANCE: Carma Hiatt, Elaine Jennings, Heidi Tasso, Jacob Schmutz, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Anderson, Melanee Higgins, Polli Schmutz, Rick Fabio, Terry Ogborn

EXCUSED: Helen Andersen, Marilynn Wood, Shelly Johnson

WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS:          Lanae, Co-Chairperson

All members took a minute to introduce themselves and their involvement with Millcreek High School.  New members to the Council were given special welcome.


The minutes from the April meeting were approved by: Kathleen Wagner

Second by Polli Schmutz


  1.  The following general Millcreek High School Information was shared with the group and discussed for clarification: 

a.  2012-2013 Community Council Members List

  i.  Voting on new Council Members (2 year opportunity)

        1. September 11,12,13
        2. 57  Ballots were cast

b.  2012-2013 Community Council Meeting Schedule

c.  2012-2013 Semester School Calendar

d.  2012-2013 Meeting Schedule

e.  2012-2013 Character Education Schedule

f.  2012-2013 Awards/Assemblies Schedule

2.  Modified School Calendar Approval requested for 2013-2014

Motion: Kathy Hawkes 

Second: Elaine Jennings

3.  School LAND Trust Information: The following information was discussed at length with the Council

a.      “A Matter of Trust”    http://www.schoollandtrust.org

i.      Council members were encouraged to review this even though many have seen it previously.

b.      School Community Councils DVD “Touch the Future”  17.23  the basics.

i.      Copies were given to new members.  All other members have their own copy.

c.       “Earning for Education” DVD  6-7 minutes  how Trustlands work and generate funds.

i.      Copies were given to new members.  All other members have their own copy.

d.      Power Point-“School Community Councils Working Together for School Improvement” HANDOUT.

i.      A hard copy of the power point was discussed and copies provided to those who wanted one.

e.       Utah Surface Land Ownership Map

i.      This was discussed and a lot of interest and amazement expressed.

f.        School Community Council

i.      A handout from the state web site that is an overview was provided to all.

g.      Letters from Mark Shurtleff and Jason Chaffetz was shared with the group.

i.      These letters were shared with the group.

h.      Progress Report 2011-2012

i.      The final report/progress was discussed from last year.  It was determined at this point to.

i.        School Plan 2012-2013

i.      The emphasis of math and our current direction and efforts were discussed by the Council.  It was determined at this point to continue with math and the hiring of a math teacher for basic math skills based on the new common core and math direction.  This is an area where we continue to struggle and have challenges due to the skills that the majority of students come to us with at the time of registration.

4.  Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP) –Kathleen Wagner

Kathleen provided the group with the 2011-2012 Yearend report and a progress report on this year’s CSIP.  The faculty and staff have until Tuesday, September 25th to complete the input of their work.

5.  Comprehensive Guidance-Heidi Tasso

a.      Heidi reviewed the following items and discussed.

i.      Yearly Calendar of Events—a handout was provided with all dates.

ii.      SEOP’s were just completed and the teachers have completed nearly 100% of their students.

iii.     We have a new ETS Advisor:  Michelle Johnson.  She will be a great addition to the Counseling Office.

iv.      A Directed Studies/Night School brochure was given to the group and the emphasis that we are putting on Directed Studies for our students

 6.  Donations to Millcreek High School: Heidi Tasso

a.      Heidi discussed the many donations that have been generously shared with the students at Millcreek High School. Some of those discussed were

i.      The Utah Food Bank-food, beds, child care, personal hygiene items.

ii.      St. George Elks Lodge-National Elks Grant.  A film crew will be here on October 9th and 10th to film for national TV.  This is great for the Lodge and our school.

iii.      Salvation Army-bus passes and Hoodies sweat shirts.

iv.      Deseret Industries-quilts, vouchers for clothes and other items as needed.

 v.      LDS Wards—quilts, pillows, pillow cases, baby quilts, receving blankets, bibs.

 7.  Professional Learning Committee-Jill Bridge

Jill shared what the Millcreek teachers are doing this year.  She talked about the Planning Meeting held last April that helps us plan for the coming school year, our learning walks, PLUS time,  TAG, and district early outs.

 8.  Emergency Preparedness Update-Terry Ogborn

a.      The teachers are completing the required testing based on the directions from the district. 

b.      Emergency Preparedness Week was held at Millcreek August 20-23rd.

i.       “Emergency Preparedness is a PRIORITY at Millcreek High School-HANDOUT

ii.      Student Participation was excellent.  Each student that participated received a $75 cash award.

 9.  Medical Clinic Partnership: Heidi Tasso

a.      The Medical Clinic continues to be an outstanding option for our students and staff.  This has been a very positive partnership.


NEXT MEETING: November 22, at 3:00

Appreciation was expressed for everyones willingness to participate on this committee.




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