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September 27, 2010

TIME:  3:00 P.M.
PLACE: MHS Conference Room
Lanae Anderson, Carma Hiatt, Kathleen Wagner, Heidi Tasso, Terry Ogborn, Patti
EXCUSED: Kathy Michel, Angie Quayle, Victoria LeLaCheur, Val Cottam
WELCOME: Lanae, Chairperson
The minutes from the March minutes approved by: Lanae Anderson
Seconded by: Melanee Higgins
1.      General Millcreek High School Information: The following handouts were given to those present and reviewed individually
a.      2010-2011 Community Council Meeting Schedule
b.      2010-2011 Semester School Calendar
c.       2010-2011 Character Education Schedule
d.      2010-2011 Awards/Assemblies Schedule
e.       Modified School Calendar Approval was given and will be submitted to the School Board. Moved by Kathleen and Seconded by Lanae
f.        The need for parent involvement was discussed. Information shared at new student registration was discussed. Appreciation was expressed to those in attendance for their continued support.
2. School LAND Trust Information was shared by Terry. All in attendance have reviewed the following information concerning the School LAND Trust. Those not in attendance will be encouraged to review this information:  “A Matter of Trust”    http://www.schoollandtrust.org  A letter from Mark Shurtleff was shared with the group.

3. Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP) –Kathleen Wagner provided the group with the 2010-2011 CSIP for Millcreek High School. 

4. Service Learning-Kathleen shared information about the Service Learning Grants that have just been received:


Shelly Flakes TA $1,365 for three Soup Kitchen experiences
Lanae Anderson TA $480 for fleece lap quilts
 Karen Nielson and Jill Bridges TA $875 for Young Parent Developmental Kits
Lynn Madsen and Becky Jackson TA $400 for Humanitarian Book project
Katie Wood TA $500 for Gift Basket at Christmas
Pam Molesworth $380 for a recycling bins project
5. Comprehensive Guidance-Heidi reviewed the Yearly Calendar of Events handout, the amazing progress made on SEOP’s and introduced the new ETS Advisor, Stephanie Wilkey. She also discussed the Career Pathways that all students have declared and explained the partnership with Dixie State College in helping students make the appropriate progress and connections needed to move toward their career of choice.
6. Elks Pantry Partners Grant Heidi reviewed the wonderful benefits of this National Grant Foundation Grant. It has helped in many areas particularly in these difficult economic times. To date the total cost of grant money and in-kind funds total $86,800.00.
7. Professional Learning Committee-Jill Bridge provided the group with the PLC Schedule for 2010-2011. TAG Team Meeting were explained and the positive results they are having and Learning Walks
8. Emergency Preparedness Update-Terry shared that ALL faculty and staff members have completed their FEMA Testing. Copies of their certificates have been given to the District and copies put into their Millcreek personnel files.  Emergency Preparedness Week was held at Millcreek August 23-26th. Several drills were conducted and processed, emergency bags and buckets updated, two-way radios purchased and procedures reviewed.
9. Medical Clinic Partnership-Terry provided an updated brochure regarding the clinic. It has been an extremely positive partnership and very helpful for students and staff.
10. Dixie State College Nursing Community Clinical Experience-Terry provided a handout with the schedule of activities and /presentation that the nursing students are helping with throughout fist semester. This has been a great experience for both Millcreek and the College.
ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: Nothing else was discussed
NEXT MEETING: November 22, at 3:00
Thanks so much for your willingness to participate on this committee.

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