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September 18, 2013



TIME: 3:00 P.M.

PLACE: MHS Conference Room 

INVITED  TO ATTEND: Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Kathy Hawkes, Lanae Anderson, Melanee Higgins, Rick Fabio, Terry Ogborn, Darrell Phillips, George Hamer

EXCUSED: Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Wagner, Lanae Bladen, Terry Ogborn,

WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS:     Jill Bridges welcomed the group


A  handout of the minutes from April Meeting was provided 
Minutes from the April meeting were approved by: ­­­­­­­­­­­­Melanee Higgins
Second by Kathy Hawkes



  1. General Millcreek High School Information:  Handouts of the following information was provided to the Council Members:

               i.     2013-2014 Community Council Members List
               ii.    2013-2014 Community Council Meeting Schedule
               iii.   2013-2014 Semester School Calendar

               iv.   Modified School Calendar Approval was requested for 2014-2015 

                  Motion by: Rick Fabio

                 Second by: Kathy Hawkes


2.  School LAND Trust Information: The following information was provided to the council members

       i.       “A Matter of Trust”    http://www.schoollandtrust.org   
             i.     Council members were encouraged to review this even though many have seen it previously 
       ii.     School Community Councils DVD “Touch the Future”  17.23  the basics  
             i.     Copies were given to new members.  All other members have their own copy 
       iii.    “Earning for Education” DVD  6-7 minutes  how Trustlands work and generate funds 
              i.     Copies were given to new members.  All other members have their own copy 
       iv.    A letter from Orrin G. Hatch was provided to the group
       v.      The Millcreek School Plan for 2013-2014 was reviewed. 
              i.     The emphasis of math and our current direction and efforts will continued by the Council.  This is an area where we continue to struggle and have challenges due to the skills that the majority of students come to us with at the time of registration. 
       vi.    An invitation to the Board of Trustees and staff of the School and Institutional Trust Land Administration Reception in St. George, at the Hampton Inn, 53 North River Road, Sept. 25 from 6:30 to 8:00 was extended to the group.   There will be a discussion of topics of common interest.  Light refreshment will be served.  RSVP not required but appreciated.  Contact Nannette at 801-538-5110 or njohnson@utha.gov

3.   Comprehensive Guidance-Jill Bridges for Heidi Tasso

       i. Jill  reviewed the following items:

               i.     A handout was given of the Yearly Calendar of Events
              ii.     SEOP’s  were  just completed and well attended.  This is a very positive experience for all involved.  Parents are always complimentary of the program and educational efforts made of behalf of their students
              iii.     New ETS Advisor  Mike Young was introduced

4.   Donations to Millcreek High School: Jill Bridges for Heidi Tasso

       i.  Jill discussed the many donations that have been generously shared with the students at Millcreek High School. Some of those discussed were 

              i.     The Utah Food Bank-food, beds, child care, personal hygiene items
              ii.     St. George Elks Lodge-grant for various needs—emphasis on nursery
              iii.      Salvation Army-bus passes and Hoodies sweatshirts
              iv.     Deseret Industries-quilts, vouchers for clothes and other items as needed
              v.     Various Church Groups:  quilts, pillows, pillow cases, baby quilts, receiving blankets, bibs

5.  Consolidated School Improvement Plan (CSIP) –Jill Bridges for Kathleen Wagner

       i.   A handout that discussed the 2013-2014 CSIP was provded to the group and the entire Action Plan for 2013-2014 Plan was provided
       ii. A copy of the category table was provided so that the members would know what it will look like when they on online.

6.   Accreditation Visit Scheduled for March 5, 2014-Jill Bridges for Kathleen Wagner

       i.   A handout that discussed the external review with Advanced Ed was provided to the group
       ii.  The ELEOT Tool as provided to the group.  This is the help Millcreek identify and document the observable evidence of classroom environments that are conducive to student learning.
       iii.   An excellent article that clearly explains the difference of the old and new accreditation system was shared: “Out with the Old-In with the New: The Changing Face of Utah’s Accreditation System” by Spencer D. Hansen MS MEd was shared.

7.  Professional Learning Community Activities-Jill Bridge for herself 

8.  Emergency Preparedness Update-Jill Bridges for Terry Ogborn 

        i.   Required testing based on the directions from the district is nearly completed by all faculty and staff members.
       ii. Emergency Preparedness Week was held at Millcreek August 26th -29th  
              i.     There was excellent student participation. .  Each student that participated received a certificate and $25 Maverick card.  There were 13 awards presented.

9.  Medical Clinic Partnership: Jill Bridges for Heidi Tasso

       i.  The Medical Clinic continues to be an outstanding option for our students and staff.  This has been a very positive partnership.

ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: There were no additional items for discussion.
NEXT MEETING: November 20, at 3:00
The grouped was thanked for their willingness to participate on this committee!



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