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September 17, 2014


WELCOME:     Heidi Tasso

ATTENDING: Kaye Winters, Heidi Tasso, Kathleen Cheshire, Kathy Hakws, Silvia Roldan, Shelly Johnson Terry Ogborn,  Darrell Phillips

EXCUSED: Lanae Anderson, Marilynn Wood, Rick Faddus, Chandler Hawkes

Darrell Phillips brought dounuts and milk for the group.  It was certainly appreciated



            Minutes from the April 23, 2014 meeting were approved by Kathleen Cheshire seconded by Kathy Hawkes

GENERAL COMMUNITY COUNCIL INFORMATION: Heidi reviewed  the following handouts and information with the Council:

  1. WCSD Policy #2810 ‟School Community Councils”-
  2. Washington County School District School Community Council Member Handbook
  3. DVD: (was made availablefor Council Members)School Community Council Power Point  “Working together for School Improvement”       

             a.   School community Councils "Touch the Future"

             b.  Earning for Education

      4.  School Community Council Poer Point "Working together for School Improvement"

      5.  Utah Surface Land Ownership Map was available for review and was discussed

      6.  Millcreek High School Community Council Members-Handout

      7.  2014-15 Community Council Meeting Schedule:

  •      November 19, 2014
  •      February 11, 2015
  •      April 22, 2015


MILLCREEK HIGH SCHOOL GENERAL INFORMATION:Heidi discussed the following handouts and information with the  Council members

            1. Theme for the 2014-2015 School Year

            2. School Calendar-4 Day School Week and Semester Calendar

            3. MHS Student Handbook-Handout available

            4. MHS Character Education Information/Schedule for 2009-2010

            5. FYI:  District Training for Principal and Co-Chairs Oct. 21, at 8:00



  1. Community Council Voting Results:  Terry
    1. The voting process and procedures were discussed
    2. Ballots were available in English and Spanish

                       i.    21 votes were cast for Lanae Anderson

                      ii.    70 votes were cast for

    1. Shelly Johnson
    2. Kathy Hawkes
    3. Katelynn Thomas
    4. Marilynn Wood
  1. CSIP Report :  Kathleen discussed the

            a.   CSIP.  It has a new focus and format this year. 

            b.   Lowery Snows comments at the WCEA Board were very positive with regards to the Trustland funds
            c. Plan Test and ACT Practice Test was given on Sept. 10

     3. Comprehensive Guidance Information: Heidi Tasso presented the following information:

             a. Safety/Emergency Procedures that have been practiced serv3ed us well during an actual incident on  Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014.  There was a bank robbery, shots were fired, one bullet struck the building on the north side, Amber Raymer called a lockdown until Officer Orr called a lockout.  Staff members, students and parents did a great job in following the procedures.

             b. Comprehensive Guidance Calendar 2014-2015 was reviewed

             c. CCR/SEOP were well attended

             d. Content Recovery Program after school is working well and focuses strictly on Millcreek students.

             e. Long Lunch Thursday is a great incentive for students to have all passing grades and appropriate behavior

             f. Community Partnerships continue to have a very positive impact on the students and school   

     4. School Trustlands Information was shared by Terry.  The use of this years funds were reviewed and much appreciation for the funds to purchase the software license, Edgeunity, that allows the school to make all decisions how it is used in our alternative setting.




            1. Other items: Thanksgiving dinner will be on Tuesday, November 25th…mark your calendar now


NEXT MEETING:      Tuesday, November 19 at 3:00 p.m.



Appreciation was expressed for the Council’s willingness to participate and to support Millcreek High School faculty, staff, and students. 

YOU make a difference!



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