WCSD Mission Statement

Millcreek High School



August 11-12

Teacher Prep Days

August 13

August 14

School Begins/E1 Begins

School Day (only Friday we attend this year)

September 7

Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)

September 17

E1 Ends

September 21

E2 Begins

October 14 

E2 Ends (End of 1st Quarter) 

October 15

Fall Break (NO SCHOOL) 

October 19 

E3 Begins 

November 19 

E3 Ends 

November 23

E4 Begins 

November 25-26

Thanksgiving Vacation (NO SCHOOL)

December 17

E4 Ends (End of 2nd Quarter) 

December 21-January 4 

Christmas Vacation (NO SCHOOL) 

January 4

January 5

Teacher Prep Day

Back to School 

January 5

E5 Begins 

January 18 


February 3-4

February 4

CCR Conferences

E5 Ends 

February 8

E6 Begins 

February 15 

President's Day (NO SCHOOL) 

March 3

E6 Ends (End of 3rd Quarter) 

March 7-11 

Spring Vacation (NO SCHOOL) 

March 14

E7 Begins 

March 28

Spring Holiday (NO SCHOOL)

April 14 

E7 Ends

April 18

E8 Begins 

May 25 

E8 Ends, Graduation & Teacher Check-out 

May 25



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