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Reporting and Drug Detection Devices


     In order to curb the unlawful use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco by students in the public schools of Washington County and to provide a

proper and safe environment for children in attendance at those schools, the following policies are adopted:


Use of Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco by Students


     Utah Criminal Code Sec. 76-10-105 makes it unlawful for any person under 19 years of age to possess tobacco in any form. Similarly, Utah Criminal Code Sec. 32-7-15. makes it unlawful for any person  under 21 years of age to purchase, consume or possess any alcoholic beverage.  Utah Criminal Code Sec. 58-37-4 makes it a serious violation to use, possess or distribute any controlled substance.  Marijuana, prescription drugs and certain other known hallucinogens are controlled substances.

     Therefore, any  student on or adjacent to a school campus or attending or participating in any school activity or being transported or in any way directed by school personnel who is found to be in possession of or having consumed alcoholic beverages or tobacco or any controlled substance including drug paraphernalia will be subject to administrative action.  Such action shall include but not be limited to:

            (1) Suspension from school;

            (2) Notification of the parent(s) or guardian as required by Utah                         Code 53- 22b-3*;

(3) Notification of the police department of the community in which the school is located.


     The principal, upon receiving a report from an educator, shall immediately report that to the student’s parent or legal guardian. The principal may not disclose to the student or to the student’s parent or legal guardian the identity of the educator who made the initial report.



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