WCSD Mission Statement

Millcreek High School

The standard in the Washington County School District is that every school will be a safe place for each student to learn.  This means that each school will have a positive learning environment free of intimidation, student’s acts of violence, use or possession of a weapon, criminal behavior, or harm from gangs or anything related with gang-type appearance, dress, behavior, attitude or activity.


  A “Gang” as defined in this policy means any organization, association, or group of three or more which has a unique name or identifiable signs, symbols, or marks, and whose members individually or collectively engage in criminal or violent behavior to persons or property, or who create an unreasonable and substantial disruption or risk of disruption of a class, activity, program, or other function of a school.


Students are prohibited from engaging in any form of gang activity

on or about school property or at any school activity, including the

wearing,  possessing, using, distributing, displaying, or selling of any gang attire, symbols, signs or other things which are evidence of membership in, or affiliation with, recruitment, or desire to be affiliated with, any gang.


Specific to Millcreek, listed below are several clothing brands that will not be allowed to be worn during school hours or school sponsored events.


1. SRH labeled clothing  2. Kotton Mouth King 3. ICP_Insane Clown Posse. This is a silhouette of a man running carrying a large hatchet. 4. Metal Mulisha 5. G-Unit 6. Player 69 and Rolling Hard 7. LA clothing to include Los Angles or Raiders jerseys and paraphernalia. 8. South Pole and Dickies pants and shorts will not be allowed in extreme waist sizes or with long leg lengths in shorts. Any brand of pants that are worn in a “sag” fashion will not be allowed. White socks pulled all the way up and/or a hanging belt will not be allowed. 9. The district policy is open enough to allow for additions to be made to this list based on changing trends.

To review the entire policy or any of the other policies mentioned in this handbook, please see the school district web site http:www.wash.k12.ut.


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