WCSD Mission Statement

Millcreek High School

The following requirements must be met in order to obtain a Washington County School District high school diploma and participate in the graduation ceremonies:

 1.     Earn at least 24 academic credits.  (Actual number depends on transfer school.)

A student must satisfactorily complete one quarter’s worth of work in order to receive one-quarter credit.

2.     Complete the required courses. Unless a student’s individual educational plan (IEP) calls for different arrangements, each student shall complete the following in grades 9-12.




English 4.0 credits
Math 3.0 credits
Science (1 biological, 1 physical, 1 elec) 3.0 credits
Social Studies 2.5 credits
Arts 1.5 credits
Healthy Lifestyles & Fitness 2.0 credits
Career Technology 1.0 credit
Computer Technology 0.5 credit
Financial Literacy 0.5 credit
Electives 5.50 to 9.0 credits
Total Credits Required 24.0 to 28.0 credits


** Class of 2011 an additional English, Math and Science credit will be required to graduate.


Change of Schedule

Students will make and follow an educational plan in order to achieve their educational goals.  Schedules may be changed in order to meet these graduation requirements.  Changing a class schedule is appropriate only after completing credit.


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