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The purpose of this policy is to eliminate all types of bullying and hazing by and against students and employees of the Washington County School District. This will be accomplished through awareness efforts, training, identification, and disciplinary action (both students and employees) against those who violate this Policy. A secondary purpose is to provide clear standards and a safe and accessible reporting process for victims of bullying and hazing.

Students who believe they are subjects of sexual harassment should follow the procedures outlined in District Policy 1420 Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

Individuals who believe civil rights have been violated should follow the procedures outlined in District Policy 1710 Non-discrimination.



The Washington County School Board is committed to protecting its students, employees and school guests from bullying or harassment of any type, for any reason. The School Board believes that all students, employees or guests are entitled to a safe, equitable and harassment-free school experience. Bullying or harassment in any form will not be tolerated and shall be just cause for disciplinary action. Conduct that constitutes bullying or harassment as defined herein will be dealt with immediately and consistently.

It is essential that a basic and uniform prevention curriculum be in place so that every school will acquire a foundation of prevention upon which to build a culture of safety and mutual respect. Such a culture is necessary for the creation of an effective learning environment.



For definitions, prohibitions and actions required if prohibited acts are reported, see full details at http://www.washk12.org/district-policy


The District will act on student misconduct or violations of this policy following District Policy 2110 Safe School Policy.


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