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(Revised 10/11/2011)


The purpose of this policy is to outline the rules for using the local area network and the Internet at Millcreek. Because of the cost and sensitivity of computer equipment and because of the unregulated nature of material found on the Internet, the rules for usage must be understood by all parents and students. 


All students and guardians will be required to sign a Technology Acceptable Use Agreement form at the time of registration.  Millcreek has computers available for student use in the computer lab, media center and some classrooms.  There is to be no food or drink near the computers.  The internet is only to be used for school assignments and is not for personal use.


The school will remove any material from school computers that is not conducive to the educational mission or is not good for students (i.e. objectionable material). Using a site blocker the school will limit access to Internet sites that it deems objectionable. Students will not install unauthorized software or download unauthorized files on school computers.


The computers are to be used only for schoolwork as directed by the teacher and staff.  Each student is responsible for good behavior while using computers and /or the network. The same rules that apply with regard to common courtesy and respect for people and property also apply with regard to use of the school computer network and the Internet. Improper use will lead to computer privileges being taken away from the student.


The student will only use the Internet under the supervision of a teacher or staff member.


The district has the right to review (or monitor) all activities, E-mail correspondences, and material on school computers.


Misuse of computers, the network, and/or the Internet will result in a

loss of computer privileges at school and may include other disciplinary actions as determined by the principal. 


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