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Millcreek High School

  1. Attendance for one hour of Restitution will result in the removal of one attendance point.
  2. Restitution is $5.00 per hour.  Please see the counseling office for the schedule.
  3. Restitution should begin immediately following the receipt of the seventh attendance point or notification of a grade withheld (NG).  All required restitution must be completed within the term immediately following that term in which the grade was withheld.  If restitution is not completed the grade will remain a No Grade (NG) and credit for the class will be lost.  Lost credit that is not made up may impact graduation.
  4. Noon Student Assistance is also available for restitution credit.

Parent Notification:

  1. Each day parents will be notified by phone if a student misses at least one class period.
  2. Parents are encouraged to monitor their student's attendance from this notification using "Power School" or by calling the attendance secretary.
  3. In the case of excessive absence a Student Review Board (SRB) will be called by the Teacher Advocate (TA) and will include the student, parent, teachers, counselor, and principal may also be included.

Appeal Process:

  1. Students who have received a NG and feel there were mitigating circumstances which should be considered, are invited to notify school administration and request that grades be restored.
  2. If all absences are excused, grades may be restored.
  3. If one or more absences are not excused, an appeal form must be completed and presented to the "Attendance Review Committee."  The committee will, in conjunction with the school principal, determine the amount of restitution required for restoration of the grade.
  4. Dissatisfaction with the decision of the committee can be appealed to the Washington County School Board through the Assistant Superintendent.

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