WCSD Mission Statement

Millcreek High School



( Revised 5/14/2013)


The Board of Education of the Washington County School District recognizes that every student in the schools have the opportunity to learn in an environment which is safe, conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption. To foster such an environment the following policy has been adopted and is based on the following principles:



2.1           Each student is expected to follow accepted rules of conduct.

2.2           Each student is expected to show respect for other people and obey persons in

                authority at the school.

2.3           The policy applies to students while in the classroom, on school grounds, in school

                vehicles, and in school-related activities or events.

2.4           For mandatory School Reporting of Drug Use-refer to expulsion and attendance in

                Utah State Code referenced above.


A student may be suspended or expelled from school for any of the following reasons:


1.     Frequent or flagrant willful disobedience, defiance of proper authority or disruptive behavior, including the use of foul, profane, vulgar, or abusive language;


2.     Willful destruction or defacing of school property;


3.     Behavior or threatened behavior which poses an immediate and significant threat to the welfare, safety, or morals of other students or school personnel or to the operation of the school, including bullying, emotional, physical, or sexual harassment.  (See policy 1425 on sexual harassment.)


4.     Possession or use of pornographic materials on school property HB-100-4-30-70


5.     Possession, control, or use of an alcoholic beverage as defined in Section 32A-1-105 of the Utah Code;


6.     Possession, control, or use of tobacco.


7.     Behavior which threatens harm or does harm to the school property, to a person associated with the school, or property associated with any such person, regardless of where it occurs.


8.     Because of identification and association with gangs, the following will not be permitted on school campuses or at school activities:  bandannas or any article of clothing bearing gang symbols, names initials, insignia, or anything else that signals gang affiliation.


9.     When a school official determines that time is needed to establish further facts of an act or series of acts of disobedience and misconduct disruptive to the learning process which may lead to suspension or expulsion from school.


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