WCSD Mission Statement

Millcreek High School



(Revised 12/11/2012)


The purpose of the policy to preserve an educational and employment environment free from unlawful sexual harassment.


2.2. Sexual Harassment:

Sexual harassment shall not be tolerated. Employee violations shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment and referral for criminal prosecution.

*    Student violations shall be subject to corrective action including the possible loss of privileges, community services, suspensions, expulsions, and referral for legal prosecution.

       *     Employees or students affected by sexual harassment shall

be afforded avenues for filing complaints, which are free from             

      bias, collusion, intimidation, or reprisal.

 *      If you feel you have been sexually harassed contact the  Principal, Counselor and/or your Teacher Advocate.


You may obtain a complete copy of the Sexual harassment Policy

1420 on the district web site at www.wash.k12.ut.us



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