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School Goal and Essential Standards

As a result of learning experiences at MHS, students will gain a greater understanding and ability to practice the following values in school and their personal lives. 

RESPECT – (Essential Standard 1)

  • Students will demonstrate RESPECT for self, others, school culture, class time, and property.  

RESPONSIBILITY – (Essential Standard 2)

  • Students will demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY by attending class, passing classes, showing appropriate behavior, maintaining positive relationships and making progress towards graduation.  

RESILIENT – (Essential Standard 3)

  • Students will demonstrate being RESILIENT by working towards individual academic and behavioral goals.

RELATIONSHIPS – (Essential Standard 4)

  • Students will demonstrate positive RELATIONSHIPS by showing respect to others, contributing to and maintaining positive interactions with everyone, and resolving conflict in a productive manner.
  • School Hours
    Monday – Thursday 8:15 am – 2:35 pm 
  • 1st Period

    8:15 am – 9:05 am

  • 2nd Period

    9:08 am – 9:54 am

  • 3rd Period

    9:57 am – 10:43 am

  • 4th Period (TA)

    10:46 am – 11:32 am

  • 5th Period

    11:35 pm – 12:21 pm


    12:21 pm – 12:58 pm

  • 6th Period

    1:01 pm – 1:46 pm

  • 7th Period

    1:50 pm – 2:35 pm


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School Goal

Chronic absenteeism is a national epidemic in public schools.  Millcreek High School student's absenteeism significantly impacts student's success as well. We believe this is our school’s highest priority.  If we can get students to school, our opportunities to help them increases tremendously.

Mission Statement

- Millcreek Educates and Supports the Whole Student